A Productive Rant About moving and storage services



Most movers consider that they only have one alternative when it comes to a professional moving company, moving truck rental. Self-service moving has changed all this, as it has become an increasingly more fashionable way to move in recent years.

The concept itself is very straightforward. The customer packs his own belongings into a trailer and the self-service moving company organizes the driving of the truck. For a lot of movers, providing a do-it-yourself moving option that does not require driving as proved to be very popular.

The Self-Service Moving Process In Detail

As the name implies, the self-moving process is meant to be un-complicated. When you visit the website of one of the large self service moving companies you will find that even the quotation and acceptance process is painless. You only need a minimum amount of detail available in order to get the ball rolling.

Once you accept your quote a number of containers will be delivered for you to begin your packing within a matter of days. Most companies give you up to one calendar month to complete your packing before they will charge you over and above your original quotation price. You will also normally only be charged for the actual space you use in the container so, the more efficiently you pack the better!

The Pros and Cons

The advantages of using self-service moving companies compared to professional moving and moving truck rental companies are as follows:

· Self-service moving is more competitively priced because it removes the variable labor cost associated with professional moving.

· Some of the biggest disadvantages of renting a moving truck are avoided altogether, for example the potential headache of arranging additional licensing and insurance can simply be forgotten.

The disadvantages are few, which is why this type of moving has grown in popularity in a relatively short space of time. You should however, consider the following minor disadvantages when considering self service moving:

· As with any form of do-it-yourself moving, there will be a certain degree of effort required on your part. If you have a large house don't under estimate the time and effort involved in packing the self-service container. If necessary get friends and family to help!

· You will be reliant on the schedule of moving company in terms of driving the truck so make sure you establish that your chosen company is reliable.

Ensuring You Get The Best Deal

When you are looking for a moving service, always be prepared to shop around get several quotes from different companies, not just those based on the Internet or in your local business directory. Always ask relevant questions to find out how knowledgeable your prospective service provider is.


Self-service moving provides a very viable alternative to a Professional Mover and Moving Truck Rental companies. It will suit you down to the ground if you are looking to save money, do not particularly relish the thought of driving a large truck and are happy to pack your own belongings. Be sure to check out the additional tips given in the link below if you are thinking about investigating this moving option further. Happy moving!

Many of us in the civilian world simply cannot comprehend the magnitude of the sacrifices those in the military make. While most of us may think about the duties our service men and women perform while at war or overseas, it is important to recognize the lifestyle they live with their families and within their neighborhoods.

Moving is a part of the military lifestyle. Packing up and moving long distances is a common occurrence for families of military personnel due the demands of the job. It is not uncommon for someone to move across the country - or even overseas - to a new military base for period of a few years before being assigned to another location. Here are some long-distance moving tips for military families:

When you receive your relocation order, begin to familiarize yourself with your new base. This way, you'll have a good idea of what to expect once you arrive at your new home. You should receive an information packet detailing the layout of the base and the amenities, clubs and local move in los angeles organizations that you can participate in. There will also be information about the schooling and daycare options for your children. Also research the surrounding area. Get to know the city or town you will be living in through Internet research or by talking to friends or coworkers who are familiar with the area.

Remember to file a change of address form with the post office with the expected date of when you will arrive at your new home. This process should be done well before your actual move to ensure mail delivery on the requested date. Getting your change of address form in early will make sure there are no delays in receiving important mail.

Contact the utility, cable and phone companies to arrange for shut-off at your old residence and turn-on at the new. Schedule these appointments early to ensure you receive a date that is most convenient for you. Of course, you'll want to make sure the electricity and water are working when you arrive at your new home.

Moving is stressful for anyone, and the root cause of the stress is the sheer amount of belongings that have to be transported. As you begin packing, go through your items and discard or donate anything that you no longer need or want. There is no need to transport unnecessary baggage long distances, as this will only increase your frustration and cause extra work to pack, move and unpack. You may want to have a yard sale in order to earn a little extra money before your move.

Be sure to get copies of any important paperwork before you move. This includes medical records, school records and any other documents that you will need to have in your new town. Having this important paperwork on hand will make it easier for you as you set up new accounts and enroll your children in school.

Finally, use portable storage for the easiest and most stress-free move. Portable storage units are dropped off at your home. You can take as long as you need to pack the unit. When you're ready, have the company retrieve the full unit at transport it to the new location. Once you arrive at your new home, the mobile storage unit will be waiting for you. Unpack it at your leisure and the portable storage company will pick it up when you're finished. If you use portable storage, you won't have to worry about renting a large moving truck or paying professional movers to handle your belongings.

Military families are all too familiar with long distance moving. Following the advice laid out here can help them get through a grueling move with less frustration and stress so they can explore and enjoy their new surroundings.